Problem 1: Human Image Generation

Approach 1: StyleGAN2 + GFLA

High-Level Architecture for Approach 1
Working of Approach 1

Approach 2: Disentanglement Person Image Generation

High-Level Architecture for Approach 2
Working of Approach 2

Approach 1 v/s Approach 2 Results

Approach 1 v/s Approach 2: Qualitative Results
Approach 1 v/s Approach 2: Quantitative Results

Problem 2: Adding Bags to the models

High-level working of ST-GAN

Experiments with ST-GAN

Experiment 1:

Update through each warp
Some bad results
Some good results

Experiment 2:

Results from Experiment 2

Experiment 3:

Results from Experiment 3

Comparison of all the experiments

Comparison of our experiments with ST-GAN
Loss curves




Step-by-step output 1
Step-by-step output 2
Sample results


Narcissistic Image of a team member showing off that the model works on her picture
The model was able to place the bag correctly on an image of our team member

Future Work



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